360⁰ Florence

Mornings, 3-28 JUNE 2024

10:00-11:00* Local Italian / Central European Time (CET)


360⁰ FLORENCE immerses participants in the history of Florence through a series of historical walks and museum visits. The perfect introductory programme for new residents, students, or anyone who'd like to know the city inside out, and discover its many wonders. 


"As new arrivals, it was informative, frequently entertaining and often off the beaten track. It was a great way to learn more about this beautiful city. Highly recommended." Paul & Maggie Brown


REGISTRATION FEES: € 500 / € 30 per session
Registrations can be accepted until mid-day of the day before the visit. 

Piazza del Duomo

10 June at 10:00

Piazza Santa Croce

11 June at 10:00

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

12 June at 10:00

Piazza San Marco

13 June at 10:00

Piazza Santo Spirito

14 June at 10:00