Italian language courses

Your experience of visiting and living in Florence will be transformed if you can speak Italian, so why not learn Italian al British!


Our outstanding teachers have helped numerous students of all ages to get to grips with the beautiful Italian language and progress to real fluency.

We aim to get you speaking and thinking in Italian fast: you will be immersed in the Italian language from the very first day. Our teachers will introduce language which you can use straight away,  as well as building your understanding of how the language works. Absolute beginners will quickly be able to manage the basics, whilst more advanced students will rapidly grow in confidence and soon start to achieve real fluency.

We offer a wide range of Italian language courses throughout the year:

Italian language courses can be combined with our renowned History of Art programme to complete your Florentine experience, and if you sign up for both programmes, you may qualify for a special discount! Details here


As a student of Italian, you will also automatically gain membership to the Harold Acton Library and have access to all of our membership benefits.

Our approach is to immerse you in the Italian language from the very first day.