Our Partners

In recent years we have partnered with numerous local and international educational and cultural organisations, hosting their events and programmes in the beautiful rooms of our heritage library in Palazzo Lanfredini.


Some examples of what our partners have done in our rooms in recent times:


  • Certified History of Art course:   University of Buckingham
  • Academic Conferences:  Gonzaga University, University of Surrey, IASEMS
  • Summer Schools:  Florida State University, Dayton College
  • Graduation Ceremony:  SACI College of Art & Design
  • Seminars:  John Hall (Venice)
  • Screenings:  New York Film Academy
  • Concerts: Il Foyer
  • Theatre Workshop:  Shakespeare in Italy
  • Public Meeting:  British Embassy
  • Private Meetings:  American International League, Trollope Society
  • Book Presentations:  Oxford University Press, Mondadori
  • Fashion Industry events:  Woolmark, UKTI
  • Tour Groups:  Martin Randall, La Città Nascosta