Italian courses for school and university groups

The British Institute offers tailor-made Italian language courses for school and university groups.

The British Institute of Florence provides many schools and universities from the UK and USA with Italian language courses. These courses range from a 5 day trip at half-term to a full semester or term.

The Head of Languages works closely with the teacher or professor from the visiting school or university to create the tailor-made course for the students. This includes discussing the timetable and lesson content to suit the needs of the students, such as ‘Survival Italian’, ‘General Italian’ or ‘Exam preparation’.



All students studying Italian enjoy meeting our Italian students studying English through a conversation exchange. Here the students from both languages are put into small groups. The teacher starts the exchange in one language. After 10 minutes the conversation is switched to the other language. After another 10 minutes the groups are switched round. It is an excellent opportunity to try out language skills and meet people. There is no extra charge for a conversation exchange.

All students become members of the Harold Acton Library for the duration of the course.

The British Institute can add in optional extras like:


  • Renaissance Florence  lecture
  • Historical walking tours of Florence
  • Guided visits to the Uffizi
  • Pizza evening

The British Institute of Florence regularly runs courses for the following schools and universities:


  • University of Cambridge Easter vacation course for ab-initio and post A-Level students.
  • University of Leicester summer course.
  • James Madison University spring, summer and fall courses for undergraduates and post-graduates
  • OCAD general survival Italian
  • University of Leeds summer semester abroad
  • Downe House Girls School half-term GCSE and A-Level preparation
  • Dulwich College half-term GCSE preparation
  • Eton College half-term trip abroad
  • Harrow School half-term trip abroad
  • Headington half-term trip abroad
  • Manchester Grammar School half-term trip abroad
  • St John the Baptist’s School half-term GCSE and A-Level preparation