Why We're Special

The British Institute of Florence  -  your inside track to  Florence’s magnificent history, art and life

In the heart of the Oltrarno, Florence’s most authentic neighbourhood, in a 16th century palazzo overlooking the river, lies an oasis of quiet authority: The British Institute of Florence.  Founded 103 years ago by leaders of the English Colony and their Florentine friends, ‘il British’ (as the Florentines call us) offers international residents and visitors the inside track on all that is special about our city.

For international residents the Institute is a home-from-home, a special place by Ponte Santa Trinita with its own community – a club that welcomes everyone in.   We provide a way in for visitors and new arrivals who wish to meet people, get involved and find the inside track to Florentine language, art and culture.  The Institute is a gateway to the fine legacy of the Grand Tour, a high quality alternative to the mass tourism that engulfs Florence.