A Century of Women in the Arts (1866-1966)


Join us in March 2024 for a brand new course  organised by British Institute of Florence, in collaboration with Calliope Arts, which explores Florence's 'forgotten century' from a woman's perspective. From the Grand Tour to the unification of Italy, from the foundations of feminism, to the advent of the partisans, meet the women who forged a century of change in Florence.


This course sheds light on the artistic, literary, scientific and political contributions of local and foreign women with historical attachments to the Tuscan capital, through blended lectures held at the British Institute Library and guided offsite visits to museums, galleries and foundations through the centre. Lectures and visits on site for those in town, whilst our friends abroad can tune into lectures from afar via zoom. Women artists,  educators, collectors and scientists -  it’s time to discover Florence like never before.


A Century of Women in the Arts was developed in partnership with Calliope Arts.



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