On Art, Feminism and Eros: Mina Loy and the Avant-garde in Florence

Virtual Wednesday Lecture, on Zoom

by Laura Scuriatti


When the British-born Mina Loy (1882-1966) moved to Florence from Paris in 1907 with her husband, the painter and illustrator Stephen Haweis, she was a budding young artist who had made it into the Salon d'Automne. She lived in Florence until 1916, at first with her husband and then just with her children, and in this period she developed into an extremely original avant-garde poet and writer, whose work was published in the most renowned little magazines in the US. She learned to speak Italian and responded in her works both to the politics and aesthetics of the vociferous Futurists and to the vital intellectual debates internal to the the Anglo-American expatriate community. 

This talk will discuss Loy's aesthetic and feminist commitment to the nascent avant-garde in the context of her life in the Tuscan capital, and show how Florence functioned as a vibrant international nexus for the exchange and elaboration of modernist art. 


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