New light on the Latin Inscriptions of Medici Florence - CANCELLED

Unfortunately the Wednesday Lecture planned for this week (on the Latin Inscriptions of the Medici) is CANCELLED, due to an emergency that has made it impossible for the speaker to be here


A lecture by Patrick Kragelund


Fear not! No knowledge of Latin is required to follow this lecture on a crucial aspect of Florence’s urban and cultural history.

A study of the public inscriptions still to be found round the city, show how from the 1430s onwards there was an amazing shift from a Christian outlook to an outlook dominated by civic values, Then, as the  Medici family strengthend their grip on Florence and established their dynasty, they inncreasingly inscribed the city as ”theirs” (1434-1737). And  latterly there appeared numerous commemorations of great Florentine figures, with particular emphasis on Galileo.

All these commemorations are in Latin, the ”Language of Eternity”, and while not at all presumed, a small grasp of Latin will of course only add to the enjoyment and understanding of this intriguing talk!


Dr Patrick Kragelund holds two doctorates in classics (1982) from the Universiyt of Copenhagen. He was assistant director at the Danish Academy in Rome and taught Latin at universities in Denmark and Norway .  This lecture is based upon his book The Latin Inscriptions of Medici Florence. Piety and Propaganda, Civic Pride and the Classical Past, Rome 2021, which can be purchased at the Paperback Exchange.


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