Meet the Author - Jeannie Marshall: All Things Move

Jeannie Marshall is a writer who has been living in Italy with her family since 2002.  


In conversation with Simoin Gammell, Jeannie Marshall will discuss her life and times in Italy, focussed through a close look at her extraordinary book  All Things Move.


All Things Move: Learning to Look in the Sistine Chapel tells the story of Marshall’s relationship with one of our most cherished artworks. Interwoven with the history of its making and the Rome of today, it’s an exploration of the past in the present, the street in the museum, and the way a work of art can both terrify and alchemize the soul. An impassioned defence of the role of art in a fractured age, All Things Move is a quietly sublime meditation on how our lives can be changed by art, if only we learn to look.


Praise for All Things Move:


“The Sistine Chapel serves as inspiration and structure for this deeply contemplative account about life, family, art, and appreciation.”New York Times

“Part meditation, part cultural criticism, part therapy, All Things Move captures the complex range of emotions that art can sometimes elicit in us, as well as the questions that may arise as a consequence.” Literary Review of Canada

“Elegantly voiced […] [Marshall’s] declaration of a point of view, that sense of personal experience in the face of great art and especially the right to have personal experience in the face of great art, proves to be as worthy a subject as the Sistine Chapel itself.” Washington Post


If you are in Florence and would like to attend the lecture in person at the British Institute Library, please register here or send an email to . 
The registration fee is 15 Euro per person.