Gesture in Renaissance Art

A lecture by Kevin Murphy



Body language, hand gestures and facial expressions are all non-verbal systems that help us understand each other, but how useful are they in helping us to ‘read’ the art of the Italian Renaissance when we see them in paintings and sculptures? In this presentation we will look at the silent language of art, venturing into the human landscapes of some of Italy’s most well-known masterpieces. What gestures and 'looks' can we hope to understand today, and what has simply been lost in translation? 

A native of Liverpool and a resident of Prato since 1995, Kevin Murphy has been Dean of the University of New Haven's Tuscan Campus in Prato since its founding in 2012.    He has taught courses and seminars in Italian Art History at US programmes in Florence (including  Syracuse, Florida State, Gonzaga, and Kent State), and for many years also taught at the British Institute of Florence.   

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