Divine Blue

A lecture by Alan Pascuzzi 



Lapis lazuli blue is by far the most enchanting and breathtaking colour on the artist's palette. From antiquity to the present day the most expensive and most precious of all pigments artists can use has been lapis lazuli blue. In the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, lapis lazuli blue was referred to as, 'illustrious, beautiful and most perfect, beyond all other colours,' and utilised by Giotto, Fra Angelico and Michelangelo  to enhance their most famous works. Why is this blue colour so mesmerising and magical to be called the 'stone from heaven?'


This talk will explore all aspects of lapis lazuli including its history, how it was used and, in particular, reveal the centuries-old technique of transforming the lapis lazuli stone to a pigment artists called, 'divine blue.'


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