A six week guided reading of Dante’s masterpiece The Divine Comedy, brought to you by Alexandra Lawrence 


Week 1

Tuesday 9th March at 18:30 CET

Inferno I-XX

A dark wood, three ferocious beasts, and the ever-patient Virgil start us off on our journey where we will encounter the infamously lustful Francesca and many more flaming, writhing (but also extremely talkative) souls as we make our way through the over-crowded, cacophonous and imaginative circles of Dante’s hell.

Week 2

Tuesday 16th March at 18:30 CET


Thieves, deceiving demons, fiery serpents, and towering giants greet us on our decent to the deepest part of the Christian underworld, where we will ultimately meet its ruler—Lucifer—face-to-face.

Week 3

Tuesday 23rd March at 18:30 CET

 Purgatory I-XVI

Though the ultimate goal is heaven, most must first cleanse their souls through the difficult process of purgation brilliantly outlined by Dante. We will begin to climb the mountain of Purgatory in the company of officious angels who instruct on making the most of one’s time in this temporary space.

Week 4

Tuesday 30th March at 18:30 CET



Here we enter the Garden of Eden where Dante reunites with the one and only Beatrice, his beloved angel-woman who will take over as his guide through the realms of heaven.

Week 5

Tuesday 6th April at 18:30 CET

Paradiso I-XX

We join Dante and Beatrice on their rise through the spheres of air, fire, the moon, and all of the planets encountering the souls of the blessed along the way.

Week 6

Tuesday 13th April at 18:30 CET


The final part of our journey takes us through the Fixed Stars, the Primum Mobile and the hierarchy of angels, the Empyrean and the mystical rose, to the ultimate destination—standing in the middle of the all-encompassing, pure, and blinding light of Love.


 All sessions last 90 minutes
Recordings of the session will be available for viewing. 


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