Italian courses for university students

The British Institute offers Italian courses for university students. To request a quote please contact us here.

University of Cambridge Easter vacation course


The British Institute of Florence, in collaboration with the Italian Department of the University of Cambridge, offers Easter courses in Italian for Ab Initio and post A Level Ab Initio students of Italian. The courses are both of two weeks' duration and are aimed at helping students with their preparation for the Italian oral exam and providing a general review of grammar. They are designed to develop fluency in spoken Italian and broaden vocabulary to enable you to communicate confidently and effectively on a wide range of contemporary and national issues. General grammar revision will provide an opportunity to consolidate existing knowledge and improve any areas of weakness and extra activities will be arranged for you to broaden your knowledge of Italian and Florentine culture. Each course comprises 4 hours of classes per day, Monday - Friday (one academic hour = 50 minutes).

We encourage you to stay with an Italian host during your time in Florence, as this provides an excellent opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the language and practice your Italian with native speakers.


University of Leeds semester


Leeds University requires their Italian students to spend the final term of the second year (from Easter to June) studying in Italy. Such students follow an advanced Italian course, which consists of 40 hours of classes during the nine weeks of their stay.

Lessons include:
- grammar revision
- conversation and oral presentations
- in depth work on topics relating to aspects ofcontemporary Italy

The principal aim of the course is to expand the students' linguistic abilities and to familiarise them with Italian culture, media, cinema and television programmes, as well as encourage discussion regarding political and social affairs. Students are also required to read an Italian narrative book and work on an individual project.