Firenze NOW!

24 settembre 2020 - 18:00


The Future of Florence:  A Smarter Greener Florence?

Participate via Zoom or in person at the Library.


Key Questions:

  •   What progress is being made to improve environmental sustainability in Florence?
  •   What regulatory and infrastructure changes are needed to make Florence a smarter greener city?
  •   What is the role of technology and innovation in creating a Greener Smarter city?
  •    What are the priorities for action to create momentum for this agenda?


Confirmed Panellists:

  • John Hooper (Moderator), The Economist
  • Cecilia Del Re, Assessore all’Ambiente
  • Sergio Gatteschi , Amici della Terra
  • Federico Caleno, Responsabile e-Mobility, Enel Italia
  • Francesco Tronci,  NOVA-MBA President      

The session will be interactive, with questions and comments from the audience encouraged.


There are three ways to join the debate:


1. In person at the Harold Acton Library of the British Institute of Florence  

Places for events in the library are strictly limited due to COVID restrictions, so registration is required to attend our events in person. Please reserve your seats here


2. Join the live Zoom Webinar 


3.  Via live streaming on Facebook – at the British Institute page.

No registration required, just click on the link at 18:00 on Thursday 24th September.


There is no charge for seat reservations, but we ask you to consider making a donation to support the Institute and its beautiful library if you wish to attend an event.