Music Squared: The Power of the Ensemble

7 ottobre 2021 - 12:00

Opera and song are unique among theatrical arts because several voices can utter text at the same time, and the result is harmony! In this concert Mascarade Opera artists explore ensembles from Opera to Broadway.

Gardens open at 11.30 am (entry via Via Il Prato 56). The concert starts at 12.00 pm.




The Fondazione Mascarade Opera

As well as running the Mascarade Opera Studio, providing 10 annual scholarships to the best emerging opera singers and répétiteurs from across the globe, the Fondazione Mascarade Opera also supports a wide range of activities throughout the year. Its concert series provides an exceptional platform to the Studio’s artists, as well as musicians from all over Italy and the world, to express their talents and explore their artistry in the sublime setting of the Giardino and Palazzo Corsini al Prato before an enraptured live public audience. Other core activities of the Fondazione include our outreach programme, which aims to involve children from the wider community in music and drama, and our end-of-year showcase, which takes place on the stage of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. The Foundation is sponsored by Cartiere Carrara, ‘Caring for what’s next’’.

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