Eventi alla Biblioteca Harold Acton

Cultural Programme in the Library 

Wednesday Lectures

We present a new season of our flagship programme.  Wednesday evening at 6pm in our beautiful Library with a View, you want to be there for an eclectic mix of entertaining and erudite lectures.  Currently it is necessary to follow strict COVID safety guideline:  patrons are required to wear masks, and it is not possible to serve refreshment.  Seating is limited to 35, and must be booked in advance.  See  Events for further details.   All sessions will also be broadcast by Zoom, to ensure that everyone can participate.


Music al British

The Sala Ferragamo overlooking the Arno is a beautiful room – and it also has fabulous acoustics.  Our fine Bechstein grand piano sounds great in this well-proportioned room, and the books of the Harold Acton library provide a natural warmth to strings and voices.  All up, a great venue for piano and chamber music concerts. See Events for further details.  


Meet the Author

We are delighted to welcome well established authors to the Library to discuss their work and life.  Participants are encouraged to read one of the author’s books and then discuss it with them – the ultimate Book Club experience!  See  Events for further details.  


Afternoon Tea 

The Afternoon Tea at the Harold Acton Library is held every Thursday from 16:30 to 18:00 in the Ferragamo room. Our tea parties are the perfect opportunity to meet new people surrounded by a lovely book collection and with a stunning view over the river Arno. . Because of COVID restrictions, Afternoon Tea is currently suspended. 



Children aged three to eight enjoy stories, craft activities, workshops, animated films, songs and rhymes. All activities take place in Acton room under the supervision of our team on Thursday afternoons, whilst the parents can relax with a cup of tea in the nearby Ferragamo room. Because of COVID restrictions, Storytime is currently suspended. 


Reading Exchange

At these informal meetings, we each talk briefly about a book we have enjoyed. This is an excellent way to hear about books that other people have been reading and that might appeal to you. Anyone looking at the list of books we have talked about over the years will see not only the broad range of books discussed, but will also see that some books appear more than once. No meeting is the same, people come and go, and many books return to the discussion table. We hope this list will act as a reference for readers looking for ideas of what to read next, and encourage more people to come along to these very enjoyable meetings. 
Because of COVID restrictions, Reading Exchange is currently suspended.