Super Tuscans (1250-1325)

07-11 September 2020

Hours: 10:00 / 15:00 / 18:00 CEST 


This week-long seminar will address the 75-year period that gave rise to the various Tuscan schools of late medieval painting and sculpture. Participants will explore the works and legacies of sculptors including Giovanni Pisano (1250-1315), his Sienese pupils Tino da Camaino (1280-1337) and Agostino da Siena (1285-1347) as well as the painted masterpieces of Guido da Siena (1230-1290), Duccio di Buoninsegna (1255-1319), Margaritone d'Arezzo (1250-1290) and Lucca’s Bonaventura Berlinghieri (1228-1274) preserved today in the churches and museums of Tuscany.