July 2020

Dear students, and parents

Every academic year is different and brings new challenges but I never imagined a year like this one.
Together we have faced one of the most disruptive times and not only in your English language
learning but across all parts of life and together we have come through to the end of the academic
I wrote to you all at the end of May outlining the pre-enrolment offer for the next academic year
with a larger than usual discount of 25% on next year’s course fees. At the time all we could say was
we will start online and move back into the classroom when it is safe to do so. 
Today, six weeks later, and following closely what schools will be doing in September, I’m delighted
to say that from September we will be back in the classroom offering face-to-face lessons.
Obviously we will be following all of the precautions necessary and the national and local
government rules and guidelines. 
Our offer of 25% still stands recognising our loyal students who have remained with us throughout
these difficult months. If you haven’t already done so contact to book your
place. You have until 31st July 2020. After that the discount drops to 15%.
We recognise the need to be prepared for any eventuality so we are exploring various options to
make sure next academic year is a success offering you the quality of teaching that you expect from
The British Institute of Florence. For those of you who have tried online learning and prefer it, we
will be offering various types of courses online and blended. We are also looking into investing in
equipment to stream some lessons live so that people from remote can join in the lesson. 

The British Institute will be back to the classroom as you know it with all of our British Institute teachers and your classmates.

Wishing you all a wonderful summer break.
Best wishes from all of the teachers and staff at The British Institute of Florence. 

Amanda Lowe
Deputy Director


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