Firenze NOW: Strategie per l’accoglienza dei residenti temporanei

22 June 2021 - 17:30

A RoundTable discussion, organised in partnership with the Comune of Florence, to discuss how better to welcome international students to Florence as temporary residents of the city. If the visiting students are more successfully integrated into the city, they will have a better experience, and the city stands to gain more from the presence of these bright young people.  This is part of the strategy to rebalance Florence, as it rebuilds from the pandemic into a smarter and more sustainable city, more livable for residents and visitors alike.

This event will be in Italian only, and you can follow it in a live stream on Facebook and YouTube.


Participants include:

Simon GammellDirector The British Institute of Florence

Cecilia Del Re, Assessore all’Urbanistica, Ambiente, Turismo, Innovazione Tecnologica del Comune di Firenze
Marco De La Pierre & Marco Braccico-authors "Study Abroad in Italy. Fra economia della conoscenza, turismo e soft power"

Marco Del Panta, Secretary General European University Institute

Sasha PeruginiDirector Siracuse University

Giorgia Giovannetti, Vice President for international Relationships of the University of Firenze

Moderator: John Hooper, Italy and Vatican correspondent of The Economist