Tommaso Sacchi in conversation with Simon Gammell and Marisa Garreffa

11 May 2021 - 18:00

Tommaso Sacchi, Florence’s dynamic young Assessore alla Cultura, joins us to discuss how can we reactive a vibrant contemporary creative scene for Florence,  and what is the role of the international community in the contemporary cultural life of Florence.

  • How can we facilitate a return of vibrant contemporary arts in the centre  that increases the liveability and diversity of the city?
  • What are the major blocks facing our contemporary artists across all genres, and how can we navigate ways through and around them? 
  • Where do we experiment and take risks? Where do unknown and emerging creatives get seen?  
  • How can the Florentine community and the international community work together to activate spaces and generate adequate support for contemporary creativity in the city – to enhance liveability for both the temporary and permanent residents of Florence?


To join this  lecture with Zoom (no reservation necessary), simply click on this link: at 18:00 on Tuesday 11th May. 

You will then be placed in the ‘Waiting Room’.  We will open the door at 18:00. The talk will last about 40 mins, and will be followed by a discussion using the power of video conferencing.  

The event will also be streamed live on the Institute's Facebook page


We request that you make a donation (however much is comfortable for you) if you wish to participate in the session. Your donations will help keep the Institute afloat at this difficult time.