Twenty-five years after the English translation of Carlo Rosselli’s ‘Socialismo Liberale’: meaning and prospective

27 March 2019 - 18:00

Lecture in English by Nadia Urbinati


Carlo Rosselli, after his exciting escape from the island of Lipari, whence he had been exiled by the Fascist regime, arrived in Paris at the end of 1929. There he founded a new movement, Giustizia e Libertà. In 1930 he published in French his manifesto Socialism Libéral, which in 1994 was translated into English by Nadia Urbinati. Together with his brother Nello, the historian, Carlo was murdered on 9 June 1937 near Paris on instructions from the Italian Fascists. Nadia Urbinati is Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Professor of Political Theory at Columbia University.


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