Recitativo/Clouds and Noise – Fragments after Lucretius and Negri

30 May 2018 - 18:00

Performance by David Ryan and musicians


A performance with video exploring fragments from Titus Lucretius Carus’ On the Nature of Things, a classical text dating from the 1st century BCE.  This multidisciplinary performance explores Lucretius’ commitment to a materialist formation of the universe, in particular the evocative writing on sounds, sensations, nature and time. Also interweaving fragments from contemporary materialist Antonio Negri’s Kairos, Alma Venus, Multitudo, the piece aims to explore sound, music, visual fragments, and the voice in the light of Lucretius’ theories, creating an amalgam of contemporary music and poetic paraphrase. David Ryan (Video, Direction, Clarinets) is an artist and musician based in Italy and the UK; William Crosby (Guitar); Kelcy Davenport (Speaker); Clare Simmonds (Piano); Joe Zeitlin, (Violoncello); Gianni Trovalusci (Flutes).


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