Virtual Cultural Programme

The British Institute of Florence on-line: your connection with Florence’s history, art and life until it’s possible to visit again

COVID-19 has closed our buildings and a full reopening will take time; and for now international visitors cannot easily come to Florence.  So until such time as we can meet again on the banks of the Arno, we are pleased to offer an online programme for those who love the history, art and life of this beautiful city.


Zoom Wednesday Lectures

A longstanding tradition at the British Institute has been our Wednesday Lectures in the heritage library at Palazzo Lanfredini, always followed by a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new people over a glass of wine.

Wednesday Lectures are now delivered via Zoom, with people from all over the world tuning in for entertaining and informative talks about Florence’s history, art and life.


Recordings of the online lectures are also on our YouTube channel here


Firenze NOW! 

Firenze NOW! is a new programme of debates about contemporary issues in Florence.

The first Firenze NOW! season, The Future of Florence,  ran through Autumn 2020. We convened  a series of panel discussions bringing together the experience, creativity and insight of Florence’s international community and Florentine leaders to create a vision for a smarter, greener, better Florence as we emerge from the COVID crisis

We have now published a short Future of Florence Report, which elaborates an inspiring vision for Florence to become a world-class centre for:

  • International Higher Education and Research
  • The Knowledge Economy
  • Quality Tourism
  • Environmental Sustainability.

If realised, this vision would help to rebuild the local economy for sustainability and prosperity, whilst improving the amenity and liveability of Florence for both residents and visitors.  The Report has been well received by the City of Florence strategic planning department, and is circulating widely amongst the leadership of the city.



Online History of Art

The British Institute has an outstanding History of Art programme and  now this is available to you, wherever you may be,  through an innovative series of Online Seminars.  Each seminar last one week, comprising a session each day and copious materials for further study.  Different time slots are available to accommodate all time zones round the world.

Join Jeremy Boudreau and his brilliant team of resident art historians to deepen your knowledge of Florence’s extraordinary artistic heritage.  The perfect way to stay connected and prepare for your next visit to Florence.



Register, participate, support 

The Zoom Wednesday Lectures are freely accessible for anyone who wishes to attend (we can accommodate up to 500 people).  We request that those who attend make a modest donation, and 50% of the funds raised are given to the charity Firenze per Firenze which is supporting the most vulnerable people in Florence as the socio-economic impact of the crisis deepens.  The Zoom invitation for each Lecture is included in our weekly What’s On update.

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