This year saw the launch of our writing competition “INSPIRED” for our Florentine state school students.

Students were given this title and could write anything that it inspired in them. Follow the links to read the winning entries!

They were competing for a prize: the Cambridge Assessment exam they were preparing for!

Our winners were:


Irene Fiorillo

IIS Gramsci

B1 - Preliminary

Link all'elaborato:

Irene Fiorillo_Testo vincitore.pdf




Allegra Niccoli

IIS Alberti-Dante

B2 - First

Link all'elaborato:

Allegra Niccoli_Testo vincitore.pdf




Riccardo Camajori Tedeschini

IIS Castelnuovo

C1 - Advanced

Link all'elaborato:

Camajori Tedeschini_Testo vincitore.pdf