Introductory Programmes

INTRODUCTORY PROGRAMMES running in the month of July survey the astonishing collection of masterpieces to be found in Florence whilst exploring the dramatic history of the city and wandering through its enchanting streets:


100 TREASURES celebrates one hundred Florentine masterpieces across four weeks through visits to museums and monuments across the city and lectures in the British Institute Library overlooking the Arno River. Beginning with Florence's prized collections of antiquities, 100 Treasures offers an overview of important medieval monuments, Renaissance paintings and sculptures as well as lesser-known neoclassical, impressionist, futurist and postmodern works in Florence. 

  • AFTERNOONS 15:00-16:30
  • 05 JUL - 30 JUL 2021



360⁰ FLORENCE acquaints particpants with the history of Florence through a series of historical walks and museum visits. The perfect introductory programme for new residents, students, or anyone who'd like to know the city inside out, and discover its many wonders. 

  • MORNINGS 10:00-11:30
  • 10 JUL - 31 JUL 2021