Florence: the Renaissance and so much more!

The historic centre of Florence is the heart of a living city. Shaped with ingenuity and style by countless generations of builders and architects, it offers a unique blend of history, art and life. Ambitious and wealthy, Florence experienced its golden age during the Renaissance, but the special look and feel of the city we admire today is just as much the result of modern forces as those of centuries past. 

It is the world’s smallest global city, a sensory delight that has enchanted visitors over the centuries, many of whom never left. And it was that tradition that gave birth to the British Institute of Florence 103 years ago. We are a Florentine institution, the city’s international centre for educational, cultural and social exchange, and we're your inside track to very best of history, art and life in Florence.

Our renowned History of Art programmes offer you a flexible set of opportunities to explore the fascinating history of creativity and culture across nine centuries. Great artists and their work are studied in detail, and always placed firmly in their social, political, religious and historical context by our brilliant team of resident experts. We offer introductory courses for people relatively new to Florence, and a series of in-depth courses devoted to the artists, monuments and masterpieces of Florence, Tuscany and Italy. 


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For those who can be in Florence, courses are held in our beautiful sixteenth-century Palazzo Lanfredini overlooking the river Arno and include curated visits to explore the city and its collections. As of 2020, we have a full set of online options available for those who are not able to join us in person:





We are projecting to resume in-person activities beginning in April 2021. We have since reorganised seating and other furniture on Institute premises to ensure adequate social distancing and require all individuals on site to register their presence, sanitise hands and remain masked while indoors. Please refer to our complete statement on Covid-19 here. Should State Decree require the suspension of face-to-face teaching at any future point, we are prepared to carry on with the delivery for all History of Art programmes remotely.




"I enjoyed the opportunity to keep learning about Florence during this time of travel lockdown. I was impressed with deep knowledge and storytelling skills of the presenters. It was fun to interact virtually with fellow participants with similar interests from around the world"  

V.W. (Canada) June 2020

"The extensive historical knowledge and enthusiasm of every single lecturer was remarkable and ensured every lecture was very engaging" 

A.B. (UK) June 2020