The Sacred Art School

The Sacred Art School in Florence is an international school which was founded to promote creativity in art and artistic craftsmanship, with a boundless openness to the world of the sacred. The School, which does not adhere to any particular artistic style, is above all a workshop where students and teachers, artists and artisans meet and confront each other. It offers courses in painting, sculpture and goldsmithing.


Icon Painting Course

The Sacred Art School of Florence offers a course dedicated to icon painting that provides the basis for learning how to paint an icon by using the traditional techniques employed by the masters of drawing and orthodox iconographic painting.

A journey to discover the secrets of an ancient and fascinating art that will lead students to create a painting with powdered pigments of mineral and vegetable origin tempered with egg yolk, or to use precious natural materials, such as linen, alabaster and pure gold leaf, to discover the symbolic meanings of color.

Classes are held on Saturdays and last 3 hours each.

Students will work on a board measuring 21cm x 28cm which will be provided by the teacher, as well as the rest of the material (boards, linen, casein, ammonia, glycerine, containers for glue, alabaster powder, spatulas, brushes, gilding material, pigments, gloss varnish, palettes, sheets of paper, pencils, rulers, compasses).

Starting from the study of the image (of its iconographic attributes, of the symbolic meaning of its colors) we arrive at the painting of the figure with natural pigments tempered with egg yolk.

Depending on the subject depicted, the student can experiment with the construction of the freehand drawing following the traditional symbolic geometry, the priming of the board with linen cloth and alabaster powder, the gilding of the background with pure gold leaf 23 carats and 3⁄4 and some theoretical insights.

 The next cycle of 12 lessons will start in January 2022.



Saturday Courses

Courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and goldsmithing introduce students to basic artistic techniques. In particular, in the drawing and painting course students will have the opportunity to create a live work of art. In the goldsmithing course they will learn the main techniques so that they can give shape to their ideas and translate them into imaginative jewellery. In the sculpture course you will be able to create a portrait with a real-life model. 

The courses have a total load of 24 hours, which will be held in 6 lessons every Saturday morning from 9 am to 1 pm.



Summer School

The Sacred Art School of Florence offers intensive courses in drawing, painting, sculpture and goldsmithing in July.

Depending on the chosen discipline, the student will be introduced to the artistic universe. In the painting course, students will learn how to represent reality with precision and truthfulness. The sculpture course will focus on improving observation. Students will learn to model with clay. The goldsmithing course will be dedicated to traditional metalworking techniques and will offer the possibility of making some pieces of jewellery.

The courses will be enriched by weekly visits to museums and churches in the city of Florence.