Songwriters Circle/Cantautori in Circolo

Each month, original singer-songwriters will join host Patti DeRosa to share their original music, doing four “rounds” of one song each. Round 3 is a song challenge where each performer will play a new original tune written just for this event, based on a song prompt (a word or phrase) chosen by the previous month’s audience. Come and enjoy great original music and be part of the fun by helping to choose the theme for the following month!

If you are a songwriter and would like to participate, please message Patti DeRosa at:

Date: July 5, 2022 - SEASON FINALE

Songwriters:  Alis Mata, Alastair Douglas, Pierfrancesco Nannoni/Giusy Signoretta, and Patti DeRosa

Theme: "Il Fiume Fermo / The Still River"



Alastair Douglas’ music comes straight from the heart. His guitar playing lays a subtle foundation for his soulful voice, which sings for a world where difference is celebrated. His new release “The Open Sky” is a diverse collection of folk-rock-world songs which are brought to life by his heartfelt approach to singing and guitar.

Alis Mata believes there’s no need to be heavy to write sad songs. She sings about the decay of modern society and the crippling anxiety that oppresses her generation with lightness and a smile on her face. 


Patti DeRosa is a singer-songwriter-guitarist originally from NY and Boston who plays acoustic music in a style that is a mix of folk, blues, jazz, R&B, country, and rock. In addition to Sotto’s Songwriter Circle, she hosts The Showcase Open Mic, a weekly event at Ostello Bello which brings together the best local and touring musicians in Florence. Find her albums (Packing My Bags, Secrets & Stories, and Paradise) on digital platforms and videos at “Patti DeRosa Music” (Facebook and YouTube).