Museums and Monuments

To make the most of your time in Florence and Italy, explore our personalised Institute maps. Located in central Italy, Florence offers the perfect starting point for exploring the many museums and monuments throughout the region of Tuscany and the country at large. Italy boasts the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites per country (51), including the historic centre of Florence itself, the first Italian city centre to be nominated in 1982. 


Florence Centre

The drop-down menu on the upper left corner of the map contains three categories of useful sites in the centre, including museums, monuments, libraries, theatres, shops and eateries. Independent businesses are included for your convenience and do not reflect endorsement on behalf of the Institute. Where available, we have provided links to tripadvisor and google+ customer reviews. Have we left something out? Send us your recommendations and we’ll add them to the map!




Northern and Central Italy

Use the map below to plan your travels to historic centres throughout northern and central Italy. The drop-down menu on the upper left corner of the map contains two categories; Historic Centres and Monuments. To view museums and monuments in individual cities, zoom in to that location and tick the Monuments category. Have we left something out? Email us with your recommendations and we’ll add them to the map! 




Museums / Galleries Religious Sites Architectureal Sites
Archeological Sites Piazze / Fountains Parks / Gardens
Art Market Bookstores Libraries / Archives
Theatres / Cinemas Concert Halls / Music Venues Sepcial Events
Bars / Cafes Enoteche / Fiaschetterie Pizzerie / Paninoteche
Trattorie / Risoranti Pub / Locali Gelaterie / Pasticcerie