100 Treasures

2 - 26 JULY 2019


Florentine masterpieces through visits to museums and monuments across the city and lectures in the Harold Acton Library overlooking the Arno River.

Beginning with Florence's prized collections of antiquities, 100 Treasures in Florence offers an overview of important medieval monuments, Renaissance paintings and sculptures as well as lesser-known neoclassical, impressionist, futurist and postmodern works in Florence. 







"This course helped me to synthesize and also dig deeper into elements of art history that I had gleaned somewhat piecemeal on previous visits to Florence. It was a bold and successful idea to curate 100 items from the vast array of artistic treasures in Florence. I enjoyed visiting and discussing some old favorites (sites and individual artworks) as well as discovering many new ones. It was also fun to meet and socialize with other art enthusiasts and Florence-philes."

V.W. - Canada, 100 Treasures, September 2017