September courses for young learners from 11 to 19 years old - September al British

Click here for the September courses for adults.

Click here for the September courses for young learners between 11 and 19 years old.

This short intensive course, specially timetabled to fall just before the beginning of the school term, provides a rich programme of skills eg. speaking, listening and pronunciation together with a comprehensive grammar and vocabulary programme to give students the refresher course they need before starting their annual English studies.

Using a communicative methodology in a highly interactive small group context , our fully qualified professional English mother tongue staff use the IT and multi media facilities the British Institute offers together with specially prepared material specifically designed to meet the language needs of students in this age group.




Dal 10 al 14 settembre

1 settimana (15 ore) a €195

14:30-17:30 da lunedì a venerdì


Dal 3 al 28 settembre offerta speciale:

10 ore di lezioni individuali a €530

10 ore di lezioni per piccoli gruppi (max 5 studenti) a €630


All classrooms are air-conditioned. 

The British Institute reserves the right to cancel courses if the number of people enrolled is less than 6. The academic hour is 50 minutes long.

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