Young learners annual courses from 11 to 19 years old

Back in the Classroom! Si ritorna in Aula! 
Da settembre ritorneremo in classe offrendo di nuovo lezioni in presenza in tutta sicurezza, seguendo scrupolosamente tutte le precauzioni necessarie, secondo le norme e le linee guida del governo nazionale e delle amministrazioni locali. 
Vi aspettiamo!


These courses are taught by our highly qualified mother-tongue teachers who with the support of the most up to date coursebook materials use their own expertise to create stimulating interactive activitites specially designed for children of this age group. Lessons make full use of the IT and multi media facilities of the Institute. The grammar and vocabulary programme that the students follow is designed to take them to a pre-intermediate level of English by the end of a three-year period.  

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