TOLES - Exam preparation course


What is TOLES?

TOLES means ‘Test of Legal English Skills’. The TOLES programme consists of a structured course of legal English training materials supported by three levels of professional exams.

The exam levels are progressive steps towards reaching the standard of legal English required by employers such as international commercial law firms, in-house legal teams in private companies and top-class translators.

TOLES offers 3 levels:

  • TOLES Foundation
  • TOLES Higher
  • TOLES Advanced

Who recognises TOLES?

The TOLES Exam Body is a member of the International Division of the Law Society of England and Wales. TOLES legal English training materials and exams have been developed following the advice of experienced commercial lawyers.

Law firms and organisations that have already entered candidates for the TOLES exams include: The European Central Bank, The European Court of Justice, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, KPMG, Siemens, Sony Ericsson (

The British Institute of Florence TOLES preparation courses have been accredited by the lawyers association - Ordine degli Avvocati, in Florence, Italy. Each course is worth a maximum of 20 credits for professional development.

Who can take the TOLES exams?

The TOLES exams are mainly for lawyers, judges, people working in a legal office, students of law and legal translators. It has also been taken by people working in other professions and students from different faculties.

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All inclusive package:

  • 60 hours of face to face lessons with a native speaking English teacher specialised in legal English and specific exam practice.
  • Exam fees.
  • All required course materials.

Cost: €1.120
Timetable: Friday 13:00-15:00
Start of Course: 06/10/2017
End of Course: 01/06/2018
Exam date: June 2018
Minimum: 6 enrolments

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