Course: from 20 February to 27 March 2018.

Total: 12 hours.

Days and time: Tuesdays 19.00-21.00.

Costo del corso: €150; per studenti regolamente iscritti ad un corso dell’anno accademico 2017/18 prezzo speciale: €125.

Single session: €32.

Number of participants: minimum 10, max 20 people.

English level requested: from Intermediate level.

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Course description:

In this course we are going to look at how scandals of various dimensions have rocked the British Monarchy over the centuries. The monarchy has always been full of scandals, some insignificant, some not quite so. Some of them I believe have been wrongly portrayed during the course of history.

I’ve chosen just a few of my personal favourites.

(the Teacher)


Calendario e programma del corso: 

  • 20 febbraio 2018: Starting with The Tudor dynasty, we look at Henry VIII and his infamous 6 wives, concentrating mainly on his second wife, and how he broke from the Roman Church just so he could marry her.
  • 27 febbraio 2018:  We continue with his two daughters, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I. Two very different and contrasting women. Mary trying to make England a catholic country again and being famously known as Bloody Mary. Elizabeth being known as The Virgin Queen, proclaiming herself married to her people not to any man.
  • 6 marzo: We arrive now at Charles II and his insatiable desire for women, leading him to have a record number of mistresses, at least 13 are known.
  • 13 marzo: Queen Victoria comes next. Here we look at her undying love for Prince Albert, to the point of being insanely jealous of sharing her time with him with anyone, including their children.
  • 20 marzo: We begin to look at the Windsor dynasty. Edward VIII has been, so far, the only British monarch to have ever abdicated for the love of a woman. But we will also concentrate on the scandal that rocked England because of his connections with Nazi Germany.
  • 27 marzo: 

    We continue with Edward’s brother, George VI, a reluctant king, a man suffering from anxiety to the point where he couldn’t speak in public without stammering and we see how the love of his wife helped him through all this. He became the most popular King to date, staying in London during the Blitz.

    We end with, of course Prince Charles and Lady Diana. This was a fairy-tale romance, the impact their story had on the world, because of press and other media attention. A modern love story lived day by day in the press, always under scrutiny.

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