In line with government policy in Italy, the British Institute of Florence is reopening our School at Palazzo Strozzino and our Library at Palazzo Lanfredini.  We will run as much of our usual programme as possible, but always adhering strictly to the following COVID-19 safety protocols. It is possible these may change at short notice

All visitors to the British Institute are required to follow these Rules:

1.  Please do not come to either building if you have symptoms that could be COVID-19. We are obliged to deny access to anyone with a temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or over, so we ask that you check your temperature before coming to us.

2.  Gel for cleaning your hands is available at the entrance to both buildings and in all of the classrooms.  Please use it on arrival and keep your hands clean at all times using either the gel available in each room or the soap in the toilets

3a.  In Palazzo Lanfredini - on arrival, you must register at the reception desk, leaving your name and contact details, and also signing a self-certification that you do not have a temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or over, or any other symptoms that could be COVID-19

3b. In Palazzo Strozzino – if you are not already registered for a lesson, exam or appointment you will have to leave your contact details at reception. In line with the current national Government’s policy for schools, you will not have to complete a self- certification for your temperature. It is your responsibility to check your temperature and the temperature of your children before you leave the house.

4.  You must wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth at all times when you are in both British Institute buildings, including the lift. Current national Government rules say that students may remove their face mask once sitting at a desk. The mask has to be put back on before standing up. 

5a.  You must make an online reservation to attend an event in the Library;  general admission to the Library to consult the collection or read does not require prior reservation – but we reserve the right to refuse admission if the library becomes too crowded (over 20 people).

5b. In order to avoid crowding, we advise you to make an online appointment to speak to our reception staff in the language centre in Palazzo Strozzino. This can be done by clicking on 

6.  Please avoid crowding, especially at the entrance to the buildings. Keep a safety distance of at least one metre between yourself and everyone else at all times.

 7.  We request that you read our full COVID Protocols document, which gives full details of our procedures and rules for maintaining the COVID safety of our buildings and everyone who comes to them. This document can be found on our website  and on the notice boards in both buildings.

COVID Protocols  

We appreciate your cooperation with these rules so that everyone can enjoy the programmes of the British Institute … and stay safe.