Standard courses

We offer courses of Italian Language courses at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels lasting from one to three months. 


All language students are asked to complete a self-assessment form on enrolment to help us gauge their language competence and experience of language learning. Non-beginners are also asked to undertake a placement test on arrival.

The aim at each level is to provide you with sound knowledge of the basic structures of the Italian language and to develop your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills as you study in Florence, so that you can deal with a range of situations appropriate to your level.

Intermediate and advanced students of Italian will build on what they already know through activities and exercises designed to reinforce and expand their existing knowledge and language competence.

During your study abroad period in Florence you will be expected to do a certain amount of homework each day to consolidate what you have learned in class, and to use your Italian as much as possible outside the classroom.

A course book is included in the fee and you can also participate in a range of additional activities including Aiuto - a one to one session with a teacher to help you with any areas of difficulty; Caffè e giornale - a weekly look at the Italian newspapers over a cup of coffee; Cinema Italiano - screening of Italian films; and regular conversation exchange with British Institute students studying English.

All the month long programmes can be combined with Renaissance History of Art and Life & Cast Drawing courses.

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*Please note that classes will not be held on the following national holidays and hours for that week will be reduced accordingly:

6 January – Epiphany; 25 April – Liberation Day; 1 May – Labour Day; 2 June – Republic Day; 24 June – San Giovanni (Florence only); 1 November – All Saints’ Day.


Frequency Monday - Friday
Time Morning Lessons

1 week 240 €

2 weeks 450 €

3 weeks 650 €

4 weeks 750 €

8 weeks single 1400 €

12 weeks single 2050 €


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