The Italian High Renaissance



No era of artistic achievement is as renowned as the so-called ‘High’ Renaissance of the 16th century, and no country holds a higher place in that period than Italy. The supreme works created by masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael established a canon of beauty, a benchmark of ‘perfection’ that pervades Western culture to this day. The iconic fame of Michelangelo’s David and the Sistine Chapel ceiling alone testify to the period’s enduring success. This course explores the rise of this legendary style, the friendships and bitter rivalries that existed between these men, and the role of powerful, discerning patrons such as Pope Julius II and Cosimo I de’ Medici. Our 2017 programme features lectures, visits and excursions led by the following members of the British Institute of Florence History of Art Teaching Team: Jason Arkles MA; Kate Bolton-Porciatti MPhil; Jeremy Boudreau MA; Samuel Gallacher PhD; Lisa Kaborycha PhD; Alexandra Lawrence MA; Mark Roberts MA and Caterina Romei MA.




Sessions are held on weekday afternoons, with the occasional morning or Saturday session to accommodate limited opening times at specific sites. Students may enrol for the full month, by week or by individual session. 

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What are the most valuable aspects of the course?

  • The diversity on the lectures, visiting museums and art exhibitions, and staff friendliness. N. A. – Serbia
  • Having thought I already knew quite a lot about this period, I soon realized I had, up till now, only “scratched the surface”. I very much appreciated learning so much more about the artists, their techniques and the period in which they lived. A.M. – England


What are the most valuable characteristics of our lecturers?

  • Each lecturer has been simply amazing in passing their specialization subjects over to us. L. N. – England
  • Passion, great knowledge, with a love for learning and for helping us learn. C.T. – Singapore