The Early Italian Renaissance


The art produced during the 15th century in Italy demonstrates the great artistic developments and innovations that occurred under the patronage of powerful and discerning patrons. Artists of this period, particularly in Florence, created ground-breaking works that are still considered to be landmarks in the history of Western art. This course considers the lives, works and patrons of these figures as well as the political, social and religious context of life in 15th century Italy. Our 2017 programme features lectures, visits and excursions led by the following members of the British Institute of Florence History of Art Teaching Team: Jason Arkles MA; Kate Bolton-Porciatti MPhil; Jeremy Boudreau MA; Anna-Marie Hilling MA; Lisa Kaborycha PhD; Alexandra Lawrence MA; Caterina Romei MA.







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What are the most valuable aspects of the course?

• The bringing together of all aspects i.e. religion, politics, art and history and giving clarity to the period. Acted as a Rosetta stone to unlock any problems and stimulate further study. E .G. – New Zealand

• There are so many diverse benefits of taking this course that are not only restricted to art, but mostly I would like to say that I noticed that I look and don’t see. This course has above all taught me how to see. Thank you! B.A.H. – Jordan

• I studied in Florence 40 years ago. The British Institute allowed me to fulfill my wish to fill huge gaps in my education. S.H. – United States


What are the most valuable characteristics of our lecturers?

• On library lectures or walking lectures each lecturer brings their expertise and knowledge, explained and told to the group, whether an art history expert or total novice. L.N. – England

• The lecturers are very knowledgeable in their field. They are articulate, approachable, totally involved in their fields and enthusiastic. R.R. – England

• Rich information, good duration (timing), easy to understand vocabulary. S.Z. – Brazil