Summer al British - English summer courses for young learners between 7 and 10 years old

This intensive course offers a varied programme of skills practice including speaking, listening, reading and writing. A grammar and vocabulary programme especially designed to meet the language needs of the students it uses a wide range of lively communicative activities including making use of the IT and multimedia facilities that the British Institute offers to make learning fun.

Our highly qualified mother tongue teachers use material specially designed to meet the learning needs of children within this age group. 


June 2017

45 hours -

From 12 to 30 June - 3 weeks 
9:30-12:30 from Monday to Friday


July 2017

45 hours -

From 3 to 21 July - 3 weeks
9:30-12:30 from Monday to Friday


All classrooms are air-conditioned. 

The British Institute reserves the right to cancel courses if the number of people enrolled is less than 6. The academic hour is 50 minutes long. 

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